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Writing Samples

Below you'll find links to pieces that reflect a variety of subjects and styles. For reasons of client confidentiality, I can't include speeches or ghostwritten works such as magazine articles and book introductions that were published under other people’s names, but I will make these available on an individual basis. I also cannot post grant proposals, because those belong to the organizations that paid for them.

By-line pieces

A plea for collaboration
Media liberals: the contradiction of diversity
Troubled days at Brown University
Conservatives and the death penalty
The gay gene
Punitive damages v. common sense
Teaching without lectures, learning without notes
Wal-Mart, Red Man and the cost of convenience
A week's worth: Mud, blood and French cuisine
A week's worth: Trash, rats and insect chips
A week's worth: Sweet sleep and scalding java

Speeches, et al.


Washington Examiner (A series on legal reform)
Eggs over, hold the juice
Earthly skepticism
Tempest in a D-cup
Terrorism at the break of day
The raw truth about science
The death of a doo-wop
A round trip through time
Civil injustice: the problem of elections
Civil injustice: problems of evidence
Civil injustice: the dilemma of race
And litigators laugh
Tort reform: the same tedious dance

Advertising copy

I wrote the copy for all these ads. For those marked * I also did the design (these are drafts not in final form for publishing). Note: jpg's are low-resolution images of files created in Adobe Illustrator.

*Capital Strategy & Development ad 1 (pdf)
*Capital Strategy & Development ad 2 (pdf)
*Capital Strategy & Development ad 3 (pdf)
DonorsTrust - National Review, four ads (pdf)
DonorsTrust - National Review, ad (pdf)
DonorsTrust - Reason Magazine (pdf)
*Heritage Foundation, website ad (jpg)
*Heritage Foundation, flier (jpg)
*Maryland Public Policy Institute 1 (jpg)
*Maryland Public Policy Institute 2 (jpg)
*Maryland Public Policy Institute, education book (jpg)
*Maryland Public Policy Institute, health care book (jpg)